Thursday, August 09, 2012

#mtasummer Create!

Early Morning at Williams College 
It was an amazing day three at the MTA Summer conference.  In addition to the many, many conversations I had with educators throughout Massachusetts, I also had the chance to attend MTA's amazing ED talks; participate in a couple of wonderful art workshops and dine with thoughtful educators.

  • Julie Jock, the art teacher at Sullivan School in North Adams shared her knowledge and skill in illustration with us.  I joined Nancy Roy and Todd Ostrowski from Palmer Public Schools and together we applied that knowledge to student tool kit creation and math problem solving.  The tool kits for my fourth graders will aid their math and writing work as we embrace the Common Core Math Standards throughout the year.
  • Next I attended a wonderful pop-up session presented by Carol Pineo. I learned many ways to make and use pop-up books for early ice breaker exercises, story element books and many other activities. 
  • Along with several MTA members, I was fortunate to have dinner with Maynard Seider who recently completed the documentary, Farewell to Factory Towns. Professor Seider told us about the process for making the film as well as some of his ideas related to the current sociopolitical climate in the United States.  
  • Finally, the evening ended with amazing ED talks by nine notable Massachusetts' educators.  As soon as the talks are published I will add the link--you'll be both challenged and inspired.
The MTA Summer Conference provides Massachusetts' educators with the chance to learn, share and debate in a beautiful, vibrant environment as we prepare for the teaching year ahead.  The organizers of the event did a wonderful job presenting a menu of options from professional workshops to presentations to film and entertainment. If you're a Massachusetts teacher, I recommend that you put this event on your calendar for next year--you can come for a day or several to attend and/or present, and I know you'll find the event to be a chance to reflect, prepare and share with colleagues from across the state as you get ready for the teaching year ahead.