Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Creating the Multimedia Literacy Studio

I am currently creating the Multimedia Literacy Studio design on paper.  Next week, I'll create the  basic environment. Once students arrive in the classroom, we'll refine the environment, create process and protocol, and establish routines.  After that we'll engage in many, many effective endeavors to develop our individual and collective interdisciplinary reading, writing and speaking skills.

The Multimedia Literacy Studio is based on Ellin Oliver Keene's concept of the literacy studio. The studio provides ready access to technology and text in multiple formats and classroom structures.  The primary focus of the studio is student learning and the main process is Hattie's student/teacher "closing the gap process" of identifying specific goals and the success criteria, choosing the best strategies to reach those goals, and assessing goal attainment. The teacher works as coach in the literacy studio continually guiding students' development and activating learning by fostering metacognition, promoting self-regulation, teaching specific skills, content, vocabulary and processes, and working with students to choose purposeful, meaningful, engaging and empowering learning experiences.

The Multimedia Literacy Studio will provide students with a learning environment that they will replicate in their own homes and lives throughout time as they integrate reading, writing and speaking into their daily endeavor for recreation, employment and life-long learning.