Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet My Class: Movie

Recently I put together a short Animoto film for my son's football team.  As I watched the film, I realized that it was one good way to get to know all the boys on the team and start the season in a spirited way. That's when I realized it would be a good idea to apply the same principle to my fourth grade classroom.

This is the idea we'll try for Curriculum Night.

I'll divide the room up into 12 important topics/sections including the following:
  1. writing center
  2. informational library
  3. fiction library
  4. math center
  5. poetry corner
  6. picture book shelf
  7. tech center
  8. Lego/K'Nex/Blocks
  9. Games
  10. Arts and Crafts
  11. Check-In/Class News
  12. "We are Learners" Bulletin Board
I'll assign two students to each category, and give those students a short description of the area including the learning intent and objectives. The students' job will be to explore that section of the room, write a short, lively script describing how and when students can access that area for learning and play. Then students will film themselves using QuickTime or Photobooth.  I'll put the clips together in an iMovie. We'll edit the draft film together, then show the final at Curriculum Night.

It will be nice to introduce the classroom and class to family members using students' perspective and voice.  Also, this task will build investment and give me the chance to attend to students' voices and collaboration with care as I edit and put together the film.  I'll add important highlights from my perspective after I show the film to family members.  

Let's see what happens.  I hope to share the results so you can learn about our classroom too.

Script Template

Learning Center Cards
Student teams are given a card that describes the center at start of project.


Film Reflection:
The student film engaged students in many learning goals including the creation of class community, collaborative skill, and writing and speaking standards.  As a class we reflected on what worked with this film, and areas we can work on in our next film.  Overall it was a successful way to engage learners and introduce the classroom to family members.  The film was well received at parents' night.