Saturday, June 16, 2012

Website: Priority, Principle and Protocol Mirror

The website serves as a mirror to an organization's communication system and principles.

The main stage for communication today is the system website.

Utilizing the nesting approach, main categories are identified and lead the reader to the information he/she is looking for in quick, streamlined, effective paths.

Rather than monthly updates, the website can serve as a regular source of timely information from all areas of an organization.  Similar to organizational calendars, all members can have a ready protocol and process for posting updates.

Our State educational website does a good job with this. I can check the website at any day and quickly access information I've missed and information I need.

Thinking of the website as a mirror to an organization's communication systems and principles transforms the routines related to website revision and attention, and has the potential to make system-wide communication fluid and effective thus leaving more time in organizations to focus on the work at hand.

The learning community has to acquire habits of regular checking and reading the categories that impact the work they do. The categories identified demonstrate the priorities, goals and vision of an organization. Information is posted in timely, easy to read, quick access streams with links leading to greater depth for those interested.

I recognize that this is not a new idea, and is probably the foundation of most websites. However, careful scrutiny and creativity with regard to website design and process is one way to organize, solidify and advertise an organization's communication priorities, protocols and principles thus leading to greater transparency, impact and effect.