Sunday, June 17, 2012

Real World Inspiration

Tonight I visited a relative in the hospital, one of the best hospitals in the world.  I sat there amazed as I watched knowledge and skill in action. I found myself so thankful for the intellect, drive and passion the medical staff exhibited, and understood the power that knowledge, invention and innovation hold for a better world.

When I was in the patient's room, I thought I spied a talented, former student, one I knew was studying to be a doctor.  Later when researching my relative's condition, I happened upon a film about my former student. I was so moved to see that she was dedicating her life and using her talents to make a difference.

Like this former student, my classroom this year is filled with students who hold great potential for the world they live in. I plan to show the film to my students to inspire them.  I am also going to use my newfound knowledge with YouTube playlists to create a stream of inspiring films related to former students and dedicated individuals past and present as one way to show students possible paths of exploration and work.

You never know where inspiration will come from, and tonight the fine medical staff at Massachusetts General Hospital served as my inspiration.  Thank you!