Saturday, June 23, 2012

Starting Summer

Summer vacation officially begins today.  When the school year ends, it always feels like a Mack truck putting on its breaks in the middle of the highway.

The pace, decision making and action of a school day is a nonstop, second-to-second, action packed event, and the evenings are spent thinking about, responding to, and planning for the children in your charge.

Teaching is an all-encompassing  24-7 task, yes 24-7 because the work we do infiltrates our dreams and sleep too. Members of a teacher's family play important roles in the teacher's work--they are always adjusting their schedules, listening to stories, offering advice and supporting the teacher's efforts. In a sense, teaching becomes a family pursuit too. 

So now it's summer, a time when schedule and priorities shift.

I've outlined my summer studyprep and goals in earlier posts.  And before I begin that work, I'll make some time for family, friends, fun and home--important aspects of life that sometimes get neglected during the busy school year schedule.