Monday, June 04, 2012

PBL Final Stage: The Pep Talk

We're at that messy project stage again in the blended learning classroom.

Students are in many different places with respect to the project continuum. The projects have to be done by Friday so that I will have time for a final edit over the weekend, and students will have time to set up the displays for our project open house.

It's all about priorities now.

We'll start our lengthy project workshop with a pep talk.  I'll remind students why this project is important and what the priorities are.  I will also pass out this visual project to-do list  and ask, "Who needs help?"  I'll create a help list with the following topics: research, writing, movie-making, illustration, extras.
  1. Top priority: research:  Did you find the information you were looking for? If not, how can I help?
  2. Priority #2: The written information. Is it accurate, well written and an acceptable quantity of facts and information.  Did you share it with the teacher on Google presentation?
  3. Priority #3: Did you create your public service message film with music, words and images? Is it convincing? Did you upload the film and embed it into your slide show.
  4. Priority #4: Complete your animal illustration with detail, a border and a title. (See Ms. Chan's class's wonderful drawings as a model)
  5. When you're done with priorities 1-4, it's time to think about the extras that will invite visitors to your museum display, and teach them about your project topic. The extras can be one or more of the following:
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Word Finds
    • Dioramas
    • Amazing Facts and Information Signs
    • Animoto Films
    • Paper sculpture
    • Comics
After we discuss the rationale and priorities, I'll ask if any students are willing to help others.  I'll match student-helpers/teachers with students with questions and needs.  

After that, I'll remind students of the work conditions we'll need to get the work done including:
    • Use quiet voices.
    • Use the computers and other materials carefully.
    • Don't interrupt an edit, unless it is an emergency.
    • Don't plagiarize, write information in your own words.
    • Find places to work that are suitable for you.
    • If you need to videotape, see me to help you find an extra quiet space.
It will be another Team 15 charrette, that intense creative end to a project well done.