Sunday, June 03, 2012

#Blendchat: 6/3/12

Our first #blendchat occurred at edcampbos in April.  Then in May, we had our fist online chat. Tonight is our second online chat.

As earlier posts demonstrate, there is a wide variety of specific definitions related to blended learning, but most will agree that the blended learning environment is an environment that combines a myriad of tools, processes and intent for best educational effect.

Tonight's chat will discuss the nuts and bolts of the blended learning environment.

We'll start with a focus on organization and communication. How do you organize a blended learning event or environment? What structures help you with this endeavor? How do you communicate expectations and process?

Next we'll discuss the teacher role in a blended environment?  What metaphors and descriptors best describe you as an educator in a blended learning environment?  Where's your focus?  How do you coach, mentor and guide your students?

Finally, we'll look at assessments?  How do you know that the blended environment is helping students to acquire skill, concept and knowledge? What assessments, both formative and summative, do you employ?

Then we'll choose possible topics for next month's chat.

Please join #blendchat tonight if this is a topic that interests you, if you'd like to share your expertise. I'm looking forward to the chat.