Thursday, May 31, 2012

Endangered Species Continued. . .

The furniture has been shifted to make room for our upcoming endangered species open house.  The projects are nearing completion.

Now it's time for the final project list:
  1. Finish your Google presentation. Spell check. Share with teacher by Friday, 6/8.
  2. Finish your iMovie, export to desktop or Youtube, upload to presentation by Friday 6/8
  3. Finish your animal drawing by Friday 6/8
  4. Choose from this bonus list to make your exhibit inviting.
    • create a word find.
    • practice presenting your presentation.
    • make a crossword puzzle
    • create a diorama.
    • write a song or poem.
    • make signs about the animal's amazing facts.
    • do you have another idea? If so, let me know.
  5. Or help out with an open house job:
    • make an open house invitation.
    • make a welcome sign.
    • help to organize and clean up the room.
  6. Download a powerpoint version on 6/11 just in case the server doesn't work on the Open House morning. 
On the 14th we'll share the projects with family members as a way to celebrate a job well done.