Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last night on #leadfromwithin there was a chat about organizations and trust.

Then tonight on the ball field I heard news about my school that I didn't know. I wondered why I had to hear the news on the ball field instead of in my professional organization.

This led me back to the topic of trust as earlier in the day I had been involved in a discussion related to the topic discussed on the ball field and no one shared the news.

There will always be information that leaks from organizations in untimely ways, but in general, apt communication systems and protocols will minimize these events.  Communication systems that work toward transparency and inclusion build trust, and trust builds stronger communities.

I have made a commitment to be transparent about my goals, vision and work.  I am open to debate and discussion, and eager to learn about better ways and ideas for serving children well.

That's one more reason why I like working with children, they're honest and earnest. That's what I value in collegial relationships too, even if the truth hurts.