Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogging: Have You Paid a Professional Price?

I'm paying a professional price for blogging.

Is it worth it?

Blogging has helped me to solidify my thoughts. Writing about my experiences and reflections has also helped me to ask tough questions, and share information with colleagues near and far.  Foremost, blogging has strengthened my classroom repertoire, skill and delivery.

Yet, there's an aversion to airing your thoughts, sharing your practice and asking questions.  "Not everyone wants to know," was one comment I received when I suggested that a colleague blog about a significant, positive professional event he engaged in. Yet, I thought, if "everyone knows" your experience has the potential to move us forward with regard to serving children well.

There are quiet lines of communication where some are privy to the news, questions and ideas, and others are not.  Those lines can serve to use knowledge as power, an edge and an advantage  When news, ideas, knowledge and questions are used that way, it creates pockets of people "in the know," but does it serve the collective organization well?

I like the movement towards greater transparency and sharing.  I believe it makes our conversations richer and our work stronger.  Facing the tough questions and a willingness to debate moves us ahead when it comes to serving children well in schools.

Do you agree?  What has been your experience of blogging?  Have you paid a professional price for this endeavor? Is it worth it?