Thursday, April 05, 2012

Speaking Up With A Classroom Point of View

I've been speaking up with a classroom point of view.

The reading and research I'm doing points to new areas of consideration and thought with regard to teaching young children well.

I don't expect my viewpoint to represent all view points, and I know I don't see school life from all perspectives, but I do believe that classroom teachers have an important perspective with respect to children's success in school.

I also believe that schools and learning are evolving--evolving in more responsive, student-friendly ways, and I want my students to be part of that evolution.

I welcome debate and discussion.  I look forward to timely rationale and research related to decisions made with respect to our work, and I am happy that many are giving us voice and listening to our thoughts.

It's a changing time in education, and we can profit from thoughtful, researched voice, process and action from all perspectives including students, families, educators, administrators, scholars and community members when it comes to teaching children well.