Friday, April 06, 2012


The potential of what you can do in a classroom is limitless.

There are so many avenues to travel, concepts to teach, and experiences to facilitate.

Now that we're truly embarking on the final leg of the school year, the focus has narrowed to a short list of topics including the following:
  • Responsive Reading Workshop
  • Project Base Learning: The Endangered Species Project
  • Math, Math, Math (many topics, many modes of learning)
  • Fiction Stories
  • Expert Geologist Visits with a focus on Plate Tectonics
  • U.S. Regions continued
  • Portfolios
The overall goal is to boost students' independence, discipline and scholarship a bit more before they embark on summer adventures and next year's class.  It's also a great time in fourth grade for greater collaborative work and student-centered response and action.  

As for me, the teacher, the classroom is the mainstay now.  There will be time for thoughts related to the bigger school issues this summer and next year. My year-end professional energy and time belongs to the children.