Saturday, April 07, 2012

Knowledge Knowledge Everywhere

A quick scan of Twitter and Google+ this morning opened my eyes to so many articles and information posts that I want to read, understand and implement into classroom life.

In particular I was drawn this morning to articles about gifted students and neuroscience--two areas of knowledge that affect our work in school each day.

That search led me to wonder about knowledge expertise, research and share.

Many educators shy away from blogging and sharing their new knowledge, ideas and practice, however in this knowledge age there is too much knowledge for one person to know. Hence, we need educators to share in order to bring all of us forward with better practice and intent.

We may even need to ask specific teachers to read and report on specific knowledge areas in order to move an entire school forward.  What would this look like? What information does your school need in order to do a better job?

I imagine steady streams of information in a "give or take" blogging-like venue that staff could access to better develop their work with children.

What kinds of information would school streams carry?  What kinds of streams improve our work with children? I imagine that the list would vary from school to school, and community to community.

Here is an info streams list I can imagine for my school:
  • Health and Fitness at School
  • Children's Literature and Informational Texts
  • Giftedness
  • Cognition
  • Numeracy and Teaching Math
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Literacy
  • "The Achievement Gap"
  • Caring for the Environment
  • Tech tools and Integration
  • Learning Design
  • Opportunities for Student/Faculty Growth: Summer Exploration, Contests, Field Studies, Internships and Conferences
The ways that a school system researches, understands, shares and implements knowledge affects the work a system does?  How does your school system share knowledge, and how does your knowledge sharing processes impact the work you do?