Sunday, April 08, 2012

"Beehive Management" and Communication

I just read a great communication article, Beehive management, in the Boston Sunday Globe.  I found myself imagining the lines of communication we would draw in schools when it comes to communication paths and patterns, then I wondered about what leads that communication.

I agree that good ideas "are a product of people sharing what they know," and I believe that we have to create a climate where "everyone is talking to everyone else."  

I wonder about the role that vision, mission and goal play in "beehive management."  Could it be that people communicate a lot, but the communication is not related to the organization's goal or mission?  Does that matter?  Or, are there some that communicate regularly, but others that feel uncomfortable with communicating their ideas and thinking? Do people in your organization value communication and shared ideas?

Who are the "charismatic connectors" in your organization, and is that role welcomed or frowned upon?  What prevents sharing in your organization, and how can that be transformed?  What communication protocols and activities foster communication in your organization?

I was happy to see this article today as it supports the notion that schools have to rethink and reimagine the ways that they share, deliver and facilitate knowledge at this juncture in the education road.  

Does your school subscribe to "beehive management," and if they do, what does this look like and how did you make it happen?  I'm curious.