Friday, April 27, 2012

"Khan" Project: Day Three

The "Khan" Project continues....

Students spread out in the school.  Some teams are working in the classroom filming.  Others are creating models and text in the computer lab, and still more are filming in quiet corners around the school. I'm in the lab coaching teams and helping out with the process.

After watching a few of the students' video drafts last night, I decided to create a script template to help some students with language. One student reacted strongly to the template as he didn't want all the movies to sound the same. I agreed and added that the template was meant to be used as a guide for groups that were interested in using it.

Students video taped themselves or their screen with Quick time screen recording or Quick time movie.  Both venues work right on the lap top and don't require a third party to videotape. Also, these venues can be used in any nook or cranny in the school which is helpful when it comes to noise control.

Similar to any collaborative group project, there were differences of opinion and a few negative comments which called for conflict resolution.

Finding quiet places to videotape is always a challenge.

The project takes time.  Try it yourself and you'll see how much time it takes an adult to create a "Khan" video. Yet, I believe it's time well spent.

The films, the learning and the sense of pride.  See your for yourself:

We finished the movies yesterday, about 4-5 lesson hours after we started the project. I want to do a similar project again soon to help students remember the steps and apply what we learned from this project.

As I think about the next project, here are some steps I want to employ.
  • Intent: Why are we making these movies, and what do we want to prove?
  • Audience: Who are we teaching with these movies? How will we craft the movie with the audience in mind.
  • Script: What language do we want to use in the movie?  What words are essential?
  • Images: What images will help us to convey our message, and teach the content?
  • Voice/Tone: What kind of voice do we want to you with this movie?  Can we add humor, expression and other strategies to create interest and attention to our movies?
  • Tool: What is the best movie making tool for our movie?
  • Process: How will we work together?  What steps will we follow to complete the film?  Where are quiet places that we can film?

Soon, we'll present our videos to the third grade students.  I will have students observe student response and have the third graders fill out a short survey and assessment to see what they thought about the films and what they learned.