Friday, February 17, 2012

What is Your Learning Process?

Now that I'm fully integrated into the tech age of learning, I realize that I've developed a new learning style.

Underlying all of my learning is the desire to grow and develop so that I can do my work well, be a good person, and live a long, happy life.

The Warm-Up
Generally, my learning in any area begins with a focus which arises from my work, relationships, problems, and interests.  I always start the learning process with thought, reflection, and survey.  I lay out my question.  I ponder my ideas.  I draw.  I watch videos.  I converse and I study.  I write, share my thoughts and collect responses.  It's the warm up.

Establish Goals and Process, Learn
Next, I establish a specific goal and create a targeted process for specific learning.  Once I have a general idea of my learning quest and needs, I organize a list of specific tasks to reach the learning goal. I review and revise as I move along that path of inquiry.

Reflect and Share
Finally, once I reach the goal or make a decision that it's a stopping point in the process, I reflect.  I write about what worked, and what could have been better.  I make plans for future learning so that when it's time I have an organized reflection piece to return to so I don't have to start at the very beginning again.  I share my reflection with others personally and online so that I can garner their thoughts, opinion and ideas as well.  Then it's time for the next quest.

I find that this learning process serves my work and development well.  Do you use a similar process?  How do you navigate a learning path from start to finish?  When do you make time for review and revision?  Who do you "listen to" as you learn?  How do you foster similar paths for your students?

It's essential in this age of unlimited knowledge and resources to create and employ successful learning processes for best effect, and it's also essential that we share and develop these processes with the children we teach.