Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cyberworld Balance?

The cyberworld has allowed me to debate, discuss and deliver ideas and instruction I've always dreamed of.  I refer to it as "my questions answered."

I adore what's possible and I am grateful that my students and I have ready access.  They understand the tools, and they're comfortable with the inquiry process.  Once vacation is over, we'll embark again on a number of investigations embedded with standards, and increasingly informed by cognitive research and optimal process, so that the classroom is fertile ground for producing engaged, life long learners who embrace challenge with confidence and skill.

The past few years have been a vigorous journey in this direction, and now I find myself ready to renew my relationship with the physical world of mountains, woodsy paths and seashores.  It's time to redesign my physical surroundings so that they better match my new awareness and direction.  It's also time to shore up strength and energy for my next cyberworld adventure.

Learning is a series of ebbs and flows, this path and that path, reflection and action.  You're never there.  You never catch up.  The landscape keeps changing.  The recognition and complimentary balance of inner self and outer self is an imperative aspect of the journey.  So for now, cyberspace will take a back seat, while the physical landscape around me takes on a renewed role.

How do you balance the two?  Is it almost all of one, and a little of the other?  Is it a daily balance?  Am I forgetting integral factors?  All for later reflection as I embrace the sunshine outside.