Sunday, January 22, 2012

"To Teach is To Learn"

Mike King's post, The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach, says it all when it comes to optimal learning design.  I experienced this today as I created a YouTube video to guide my students' math problem solving work.  First, I searched for a created video and could not find one, so I created one using a combination of QuickTime screen recording, iMovie and YouTube.  As I created the film, I was reminded of all the steps that go into a finished project including the visuals, language, tone, and pace.  I was also reminded of how much more I could add or revise to make the project even better.

I hope to show my video to students.  Then, I'll have students create a similar video to teach a math concept.  Students' will follow these steps.

1. Create a Google doc that includes the essential (images and words) information for your lesson.
2. Write a script that you will read as you explain your lesson on the page.
3. With lesson page on the screen, click "Finder," then "applications," and "quick time."
4. On Quicktime menu, click "screen recording." Make sure that your mic is on, and then start recording.
5. Stop and start again as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with your recording.
6. Open iMovie, start new project and name it.
7. Import screen recording. Crop if necessary.
8. Create film and upload to YouTube using the class account (see me for password).
9. Share the video with classmates and family members as you teach your lesson.

If you have any additional ideas as to how to make this project a success, please let me know.  Thank you!