Sunday, January 22, 2012

So Many Ideas and Possibilities

Every so often I simply become overwhelmed by the ideas and possibilities available.  A simple search on Google, Pinterest, YouTube and elsewhere provides multiple avenues to travel.  Those possibilities always lead me back to the question that started the search and my intent.

The Question
That's what you want to know, the information you're looking for.

The Intent
That's why you asked the question in the first place.  As I search for answers, I continually refine the question and consult intent which leads me to my values and vision.

Values and Vision
That's the creed you live by.  Journeys, both virtual and real time, often challenge your creed by introducing you to paths that take you in a different direction.  Sometimes those paths serve to better your creed, but other paths, if taken, would reverse and destroy your beliefs, vision, direction.  Hence at the core of all of this work is the need for a strong sense of values and vision that fuels your ability to discern, imagine and explore.

Hence, I'll spend a little time today strengthening the core: the vision, values and intent that leads my questions, research and work while providing direction as I travel this 21st century path of seemingly limitless possibilities and ideas.