Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creativity Days Conclusion

"I told you I could do it, Ms. Devlin!"

"I thought of that idea because Chinese New Year is coming."

"I really wanted to do this project because I like to research."

Creativity Days concluded today.  Twenty-one students presented their projects.  They also completed a Creativity Days assessment.  The assessment comments were very positive.  Students noted that they liked Creativity Days because it was fun, they got to make things, and they could choose what they wanted to study.  I listed a few of their amazing responses below:

"I think it is important to imagine in this world because I believe to succeed you must do two things, believe and imagine." - Gabriella

"I wanted to do a project like this for two years." - Marcos

"I think it is important to be creative whether it's based on facts or not. If nobody ever imagined and created, nobody would have electricity and we would still be like we were millions of years ago." - Yana

"Making a book is hard, but fun." - Aarushi

"I was motivated because I love doing what I want to do." - Aidan

Creativity Days was a success!  It was a wonderful way to build student skill and knowledge during a festive time of the year.  

Next time, I'll slow down a bit more and communicate the project parameters better to teachers that work in my classroom in order to enlist their ideas and support.  I'll review this year's blog posts and make revisions that are responsive to next year's class.  I will also keep my eyes open for future posts about Fedex Days, Innovation Days, Identity Days and other such student-centered creativity endeavors, and share those articles with teachers who showed interest in the project this year as it would be great to do this with a team of colleagues in the future.

Thanks for your online support for the project, and as always don't hesitate to comment or tweet further ideas and considerations.  

More Project Examples
Dylan's Dance Music-a Garageband composition
Hockey Rink: an original Garageband composition

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