Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Macroscope to Microscope: Classroom Teaching Focus

I love the big ideas, the macrodebates in education.  Those debates are actually easier to contemplate and discuss because you're only one small piece in the equation.  It's not hard to point your finger at others in a macrodebate or step aside when the debate gets personal or heated.  It's a different story in the microsphere.

The truth is that your voice in the big picture is worth very little if you're not doing your job in the microsphere where you work--your classroom, school, district or community.  It's much more difficult to take a close look at your own professional actions and endeavors--to give yourself a report card related to your day-to-day efforts, particularly in a field like education where the potential and possibility of what you learn and do are limitless.

I've been engaged in the big picture debates lately, but now I want to step back and take out the microscope to examine my instructional work, relationships, collegiality and contribution in the classroom, school and district with greater care. What small changes will I make in the days and weeks to come to better effect my work?  Where will I look to gain deeper perspective and understanding to fuel that change?  Which process will I employ to enhance my work?  What will be my first goal--brain research, perhaps?

This is the next journey?  I welcome direction, guides and focus.  Thanks for listening.