Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Differentiated Professional Development Model

I'm a fan of differentiated professional development, but what does that look like? This is a potential process.
  1. Identify goals and vision--essentially the professional development "umbrella."
  2. Survey professional staff regarding their professional development needs related to goals and vision.
  3. Communicate most or all rote information electronically in order to save precious collaborative time for in-depth professional development.
  4. Create a menu of professional development opportunities for educators related to the survey.  The list might include the following:                      
  5. Develop a communication system where educators share their professional development learning, questions, creations and more.  Make the system such that other educators easily access and respond to the information.  The system might include a website, social network,  professional development conference(s) and a regular newsletter.
  6. Chart impact via observation, anecdotal records and others.
  7. Assess the impact of the model and move forward.
Daniel Pink's book, Drive, provides a strong rationale for educator-centered professional development.  I believe the results of this type of professional growth would greatly exceed the often used one-size-fits-all approach in depth, breadth and effect.  Do you agree?

Note: 12/3 Just read this great pd article that relates well to this post.