Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Math Exploration

Developing my repertoire for teaching math is one of my goals for the year ahead.  I really enjoying learning and teaching math.  I especially love turning math concepts into real world situations and/or models as well as the reverse, taking real world situations and looking at the math involved.

I learned math mainly by memorization--I could remember well so I did well in math from k-12. It wasn't until I started teaching Investigations to elementary school students that my interest in math grew and I began to see math as much more than memorization.  Also, the terrific opportunity to be involved in a discrete math program for teachers further developed my interest in mathematics.  The college-level instructors and the manner in which the course was taught over a period of several months was both challenging and motivating.

Hence, now as I begin to read and explore math education and math in general with greater depth, I've decided to create a Math Exploration blog post to list links and comments related to this investigation. If you have links to add or thoughts to share, please comment.