Friday, April 15, 2011

Online Journals

Next year, I'd like my students to journal online.  Each week, I'm going to ask students to complete a myriad of journal assignments including free writes and specific writing assignments.  Why online?

  • Online is easier to read.
  • Utilizing spellcheck and other online tools will help students to become better writers and spellers.
  • They will be able to transport their writing easily to multi-media compositions.
  • Students will be able to "journal" with video, podcast and other creative venues.
  • Students can easily add images to their writing.
  • Students will utilize different fonts and colors to their journal to illustrate their thoughts and ideas.
  • I can quickly and thoughtfully comment on students' writing.
  • I won't need to lug home a large canvas bag of journals.
  • If students still want to draw and or write by hand (which I still enjoy at times), they can simply PhotoBooth or scan their work and add it to their journal.
  • Students will be able to quickly access their writing for story assignments.
  • Students will access their journals in places near or far, and keep their journal year to year if they choose.
  • Students will add important links to their stories, lists and entries.
I'm leaning towards using Google sites for student journals, but I'm exploring other venues too.  I plan to try the journal out this summer so I'm ready to employ the process in the fall.  Let me know if you have thoughts or ideas related to this.  I know that students' writing will develop substantially with this venue.