Friday, September 11, 2020

Decision Making with Equity in Mind

 Shana White posted a profound tweet this morning. She created a shortlist for people to consider as they work for equity. This is a powerful shortlist that might be used in any situation where you are working to make an organization more equitable, just, and positive. As an educator, I often sat at a table with decision makers, working for greater equity and opportunity. Shana's list would have helped me a lot in this regard. 

I used her list to create questions that might help people in their organizations work for greater success for all stakeholders--these questions can be used when planning programs or other endeavors.


  • Will all stakeholders be able to access this program, event, or opportunity?
  • Which stakeholders may be distanced from this program, event, or opportunity?
  • What can we do to create access for all stakeholders? 
  • What opportunities are needed so that stakeholders are successful in gaining a meaningful, productive, and inspiring experience now and into the future?
  • What opportunities do stakeholders desire or need?
  • Who profits most with regard to opportunity, access, and experience with regard to current funding?
  • How can we analyze funding with an equity lens? 
Quality Resources
  • Does every stakeholder have access to quality resources?
  • What quality resources are essential for all stakeholders?
  • What resource inequality is at the center of inequity? How can we ensure that all stakeholders have access to quality resources? 
Decision Making Power
  • Whose voices are represented in decisons?
  • Do the voices represented demonstrate some groups more than others?
  • How can we change decision making processes and analysis to represent the voices of all stakeholders?
I can imagine this initial thinking to result in an equity analysis process that organizational leaders and workers use to make sure that their efforts represent all stakeholders in promising, positive ways. I will think more on this in the days ahead.