Saturday, September 26, 2020


 A friend discussed her teaching schedule with me. It was a good structure to follow. Educators know that the more that all the details of teaching and learning are on automatic, greater depth and personalization are possible. 

The same is true for any aspect of life--the more we have the nuts and bolts of living on automatic, the greater opportunity exists for richer, more meaningful living. 

What elements of living belong on automatic?

  • Chores/Basic Needs: Most of us grew up in homes with some kind of daily schedule that made sure all the needed chores for a clean house, clean clothes, proper nutrition, and good rest occurred. Making a schedule to complete these chores and meet basic needs is positive.
  • Time for Reflection/Decision Making: It's also important to carve out time daily or weekly to reflect, make decisions, and revise as needed. A reflective life is a more fulfilling, positive life.
  • Commitment/Investment in the future: As I mention often, my dad would say repeatedly, "A little for today and a little for tomorrow." You have to make time to work for your positive future in ways that are meaningful. This is the work you do to invest in the dreams you have for your life and the lives of your loved ones. 
  • Relationships, Rest, and Recreations: To avoid becoming a dull person, you need to invest time into relationships, rest and recreation. These areas need to be mainstays of your schedule.
Making a weekly schedule that includes these categories creates a positive pattern for living--the kind of pattern that ensures more happiness which helps to support good living.