Friday, July 17, 2020

Maximize the potential that problems present

The pandemic is a problem.

This problem has potential.

We can identify that potential and maximize its benefits.

One potential the pandemic holds is to elevate teachers, parents, and students' ability to develop lifelong learning mindsets, behaviors, knowledge, and skill.

Another potential the pandemic holds is the potential to uplift the role of and support for families in American society. Strengthening the American family would result in a stronger, more unified, and happier nation.

Strengthen the American family
Family is center stage during this pandemic. We are spending more time with our family members than ever before. We know that strong families are advantageous in many, many ways. We can look for ways to support the American family during this pandemic. That will help people to be safe, supported, and happy during this difficult time.

What can we do for the American family?
  • Provide a childcare stipend for every American family with young children
  • Eliminate college loans for every American family
  • Support every family's ability to grow their own food via support for backyard and/or container gardens.
  • Elevate opportunities for safe, healthy, outdoor family recreation
  • Make sure that every family has access to affordable, quality, safe homes, food, neighborhoods, learning, and health care 
  • Create readily accessible counseling to help families 
Robust remote teaching and learning
Utilize the nation's terrific team of teachers throughout the country to forward a robust teaching and learning infrastructure that includes the following:
  • Sharing the best possible pedagogy and information for boosting American students' lifelong learning mindsets, behaviors, and skills.
  • WIFI for all American families and students
  • A quality tech device for every American student
  • Access to school supplies for families who may not be able to provide those supplies
  • Strengthening librarian support to every family, and their abilities to provide access to online books 
  • Daily robust standards-based, engaging learning programs for every child
  • Promotion of nation-wide share amongst educators to develop our collective skills and abilities to forward robust remote programs
  • Education program for every American family who needs it to boost their technological skills and access
To boost the American family and our ability to support every child's ability to develop lifelong learning mindsets, behaviors, and skill will be a win-win for this country during the pandemic. Let's maximize the potential that this pandemic problem presents.