Monday, July 20, 2020

Lost in the weeds; poor educational leadership

Too many are lost in the weeds rather than facing the Pandemic in a systematic, humane way.

An understandable metaphor might be two people arguing over what kind of ketchup to have at a family cook-out rather than facing the discussion about keeping one another safe from COVID-19 spread. People arguing over ketchup are lost in the weeds.

An education comparison might be people arguing over what is taught rather than recognizing that COVID-19 limitations create an artificial, unfriendly, and bogus learning environment. Who can teach with a mask on distanced six feet from their students? Teachers know that when they can't get close to students, they fool around and do what every they want. The dance we do throughout good lessons of moving in and out from students with proximity, voice, and activities is what makes a classroom a dynamic learning environment. A stationary teacher placed six feet away from children who are likely squished into the backs and corners of classroom with the expectations that they are facing front, wearing masks, and not touching each other is a bogus, warehouse-like situation, not a dynamic learning environment.

In tough times, the true leaders do not get lost in the weeds. Dr. Fauci is a good example of a leader who resists the weeds and stays focused on the important focus related to this pandemic--the important focus of saving lives and ridding society of this pandemic threat.

Sadly many teachers, students, and families' lives are impacted by the many leaders who are lost in the weeds. Those lives will be greatly affected by this.

In my opinion, a move to 100% remote learning will provide students, families, and educators with lifelong skills that will benefit their lives. This is safe and positive. I also believe that the country needs to provide a childcare stipend to every family that needs it to either support staying home or hiring good childcare. That to me is the win-win solution.

I will not lose my life because many are lost in the weeds. Sadly, my life will be impacted by this, but I'll take my chances and make the safe choice. Onward.