Thursday, July 16, 2020

It's not all about you; do what you can

There's a will to make sure that you are safe these days. Many reach for the safety nets available to them for solace and safety. Yet, we have to remember this is not just about any one of us, but this pandemic is affecting people throughout society. We have to be mindful of their needs and health too. How can we take care of ourselves and others too?

Follow safety measures
For me, the best incentive for following safety measures besides my own health is the health of our healthcare workers. They have been heroes during this pandemic and why would we want to cause them greater strife or virus threat. When the hospital visits increase so does the risk to their lives.

Advocate for safe remote school openings
After considerable research, I favor a remote teaching return to school. I don't want to put any student or school staff member at risk. I also don't want to waste dollars to support an unfriendly, artificial, and highly restricted school environment. I would rather invest in high quality remote teaching until December, then reconsider the decision with a hopeful return in late February to schools. With the long view in mind, this would mean just a few months more, and if that saves lives that's a good choice for the long run.

Advocate and support good leadership
Poor, self-serving, misdirected leadership like the Trump team has created havoc in American society. Good leaders pay attention to the facts, act with the best interests of all Americans, the environment, and our values as a nation. Good leaders elevate lives rather than diminish lives. We need good, honest, and hard working leaders everywhere in the United States, and it is our job to read, research, and find those leaders, then support them.

Give what you can when you can
None of us can be all or do all, but we all have something to give, and we have to look for opportunities to be generous.