Friday, June 12, 2020

What is the role of an educator?

As I read emails, cleaned the classroom, and planned for the week ahead, I thought about the question: What is the role of an educator?

I suppose I've been pondering that question throughout my lengthy career as an elementary school educator, but the pandemic has cast a new light on that question. Just what is the role of an educator?

I am proud to be an educator because I believe that a good education empowers and betters one's life. I like being part of that betterment process. My education certainly empowered my life and I see how my the education of my sons, husband, siblings, neighbors, and friends have empowered their lives.

As educators, we have to think carefully about our priorities when it comes to our professional role and responsibility. What are our priorities? What is most important when it comes to top notch teaching and learning? I imagine that we'll have many conversations about that in the weeks and months ahead as we continue to face school during a pandemic. I look forward to think about this question more once I pass the saturation point that three months of a quick transfer to remote learning has created.

What is the role of an educator? What do you think?