Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The humility, discomfort, and challenge of unknowing

Knowing sits on a scale.

No one is without knowledge and no one has all knowledge.

And with every topic, we sit at a different place when it comes to knowing and unknowing.

When we begin any journey to obtain knowledge, there is great humility, discomfort, and challenge.

That humility, discomfort, and challenge is elevated when a learning topic is difficult for us to grasp.

I remember sitting at a student-parent-teacher conference once when a child simply broke down in tears as she discussed the great challenge learning to read was for her. Since I've embarked on difficult learning journeys in life, I could empathize with her pain. Fortunately, both school and family were able to support this young child well, and her progress continues to be steady and positive.

Tonight, I am embarking on the White Fragility book chat learning curve. I will tell you that I am uncomfortable, challenged, and humbled by this learning curve for many, many reasons, yet my will to learn more and do more with regard to ending the disastrous effects of racism that exists in our society is greater.

So I begin the journey with humility, discomfort, challenge, and a great desire to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Onward.