Saturday, June 13, 2020

Making a school video

I was working on a school video today. It was more difficult than I anticipated mostly because the video's big idea is difficult to translate to film.

Despite the challenge, I still think the idea is a good one because it is an inclusive, safe, and doable way to replicate a long held practice that cannot occur due to the pandemic.

I learned a lot about video too.

First, in the fall, I want to teach students how to videotape themselves in the best possible ways using the tech tools we have. I also want to show them how to fitle and share videos in positive ways with one another by uploading to various sites, adjusting permission settings, and sharing links.

I also want to follow the strategies I learned today about making a video.

1. Determine the video theme, concept, and structure--draw a diagram on paper or online to guide your work.

2. Upload videos to the film making software you are using in a good order.

3. Then, place the images in order on the movie making software.

4. Adjust the sound on each video so that sounds you want to hear are audible and sounds you don't want to hear are muted.

5. Once you have images in good order, then add any sound effects you want to use.

6. Finally add choose and add the music in good order.

I just jumped into the job today without this logical list. Next time I'll follow this list.

I'll refer to these notes for future projects. Onward.