Monday, June 08, 2020

2019-2020 School Year: The Final Weeks

As a teaching team, we choreograph the school year to make it engaging, meaningful, and positive for students. Now that we are at the final three weeks of the year, we are completing the end-of-the-year big projects and moving into special days and celebrations.

Week of June 8th
Students will complete their biography projects this week. Each child's project included a detailed imaginary interview with a famous global changemaker, a digital poster, and a video report about one aspect of the individual's life. To complete the interviews, students researched the facts of individual's lives including why they are famous, who their main influences were, their struggles, and their accomplishments. Students will also complete their STEAM projects and enjoy the fruits of their creative labor with a day of play. The final day of this week is DREAM Day--a day of creative and enjoyable physical fitness activities sponsored by our physical education and adaptive physical education teachers.
Each child's report included a digital poster, video presentation, and a link to their written imaginary interview with the global changemaker they studied.

Week of June 15th
During this week students will engage in a special focus each day including a grade-level meeting and follow-up activities. Special days will include Future Day, 5th Grade Readathon, Virtual Freedom Trail Field Trip, Gratitude Day, and a Virtual Nature Field Study. 

The week will also include an author visit and a cultural enrichment event. 

Week of June 22nd
The final week of the school year is a three-day week that will include the premiere of the fifth grade play, The Show Must Go Online. Every child has a short self-selected video performance during this play. We will also host Move-Up Day, a time for students to visit with next year's teachers, final class meetings to discuss our memories of the year, and the traditional fifth grade clap-out which is going virtual this year. 

Teacher Tasks
In addition to the curriculum planning and response to students' project work, teachers will be busy packing up the classrooms, ordering supplies for next year, completing report cards, applying for summer work projects, attending virtual IEP meetings, and responding to student/family/colleague needs. 

What's most important at the end of the school year is staying the course with positive energy and endeavor. As far as conflicts or confusion that happen at this time of year, if possible, it's best to put those issues on hold until a few weeks after school ends when you are rested and ready to begin tackling deeper issues again. For now, though, it's all about ending the year with positivity and a positive, steady focus on what's best for the children. Onward.