Thursday, May 28, 2020

Today's Teaching/Learning Menu

Each day is a new teaching/learning adventure.

Today I'll work with students to review the geometry we've studied together in the past few days. The geometry study generally comes easier to all the math students so it has been a bit of a reprieve from the many weeks of challenging fraction study we focused on throughout March, April, and the start of May. After this, math study will turn to STEAM study as we explore topics such as teamwork, creativity, and project based learning. We generally end the fifth grade year with this focus using the Global Cardboard/Recycled Goods Challenge. We'll do the same this year with a remote learning version of the Challenge. 

With three and a half weeks of school following this week, we'll begin to move towards the celebratory events of the final days of school--events that will bring closure to this highly unusual teaching year, but overall a positive year nonetheless.