Friday, May 22, 2020

Remote teaching and learning after Memorial Day

I will soon close up the virtual teaching and learning shop until after Memorial Day, but before I do, I want to be clear about the expectations and efforts ahead.

Traditional Math Teaching/Learning
Next week marks the end to our traditional math learning and teaching for the year. Students will take a test next Friday to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to date. That test will provide some good, but imperfect, information about the efforts of the past two months. The lessons next week will mostly revolve around geometry.

During the the first two weeks in June students will focus their math learning on STEAM teaching and learning with the Global Cardboard and Recycled Goods Project. That's a fun project that involves lots of creative thinking and problem solving skills. I'm looking forward to leading that project and in preparation, I'll plan the virtual meeting lessons to support the project.

Fifth Grade Fun Week
The final week and remaining days of school will focus on lots of fun events as well as closing projects and meetings. We will incorporate letter writing, share and more.

Traditionally the last few weeks of school each year are celebratory weeks of creative learning and fun. We'll do the same with our remote learning and teaching. Onward.