Thursday, April 02, 2020

Virtual Teaching: The Days Ahead

We've made a good start to our virtual teaching/learning days. Now that we are headed into the second phase of this at-home school, what's on the agenda?

Continuation of the Virtual Learning Menu
Next week on Monday and Tuesday, students will continue working on their virtual learning menu. I'll use the time to analyze who has been doing what to inform the weeks ahead.

Teacher Preparation Days
The system has set aside next Wednesday and Thursday for teachers to gather virtually to discuss next steps for the virtual school menus we are offering at each grade level. I plan to listen carefully to the many ideas shared and incorporate the overall focus and identified objectives/plans into the curriculum for the week after that. I expect that these plans will include a return to virtual math talk meetings and one class meeting a week.

Easter Holiday and Family Celebrations
We'll likely plan some virtual celebrations with creativity to celebrate the holidays and support one another.

Virtual Teaching/Learning
Then on the week of April 13, we'll return to the virtual world of teaching and learning. Onward.