Thursday, April 23, 2020

Summer 2020 Sport: Creativity

The best response to the pandemic crisis is creativity!

While we can't do a lot of the activities we're used to, we can be creative in all kinds of ways.

Creativity is the silver lining to this pandemic.

As one who always preferred the Ideas section in the Boston Globe to the Sports pages, I am excited about this summer sport proposition. Creativity is an ideal match for American's spirit of ingenuity and drive.

How can we best promote creativity with the same enthusiasm that people have for sports? What can we do?

First, with regard to the pandemic, we can follow and support the many scientists, medical professionals, government leaders, and essential workers' creative responses to this crisis. Creativity will find a cure and make us safe. This is good.

Next, with regard to children, we can inspire their creative genius with all kinds of engaging projects and contests. I was reminded of this today as I thought about how we might morph the Global Cardboard Challenge into virtual school. It may be a good idea for there to be a series of creative contests for children to take part in over the summer such as the creation of great summer games, chalk designs, murals, meals, desserts, gardens, play structures, lyrics, music and more.

And, of course, there's the share of so many creative ways to stay social, explore nature, travel, and have fun.

The sport of summer 2020 just may be creativity, and the long term results of that sport may be a stronger, happier, and smarter society. What do you think?