Monday, April 06, 2020

Looking Ahead

I imagine that most of us are thinking ahead and wondering what the days, weeks, and months will bring during this highly unusual time. If you read my posts, you can tell I'm trying to get some control over the situation. Here's the most recent path planned.

Review and Response Week
Students are taking a few formative assessments online to give me some trending data about where the next lessons should lead. So far the information I received tells me that there has not been a lot of lost math skill or ability in the past few weeks and things look fairly status quo. That's good. I can see holes here and there with student learning, and I'll work to patch up those missing parts in the weeks ahead. I'll take a close look at a number of other indicators of student engagement and learning this week, respond to specific assignments, and meet with colleagues to plan the days ahead.

Virtual Teaching
Next week I'll engage in a number of teaching/learning virtual events with students. We'll have some small group virtual games and lessons, and students will complete a number of online exercises. I'll pay close attention to who participates and who completes a fair amount of the tasks. For those that don't participate or don't complete many tasks, I'll reach out to see if I can be of greater help in any way. I recognize that families are facing many obstacles during this stay-at-home response to the COVID-19 virus.

Other Matters
Now that I have some semblance of a teaching/learning schedule in place, I'll make some time for close-to-home matters as well. It's easy to be consumed by school, but it's not healthy so that's the next step.