Monday, March 09, 2020

The week ahead: March 9, 2020

The week ahead is another busy and positive week. What is taking center stage:

Climate Change Fair
Students will present their climate change research and action presentations this morning.

Mindfulness with Gabriel
Mindfulness expert, Gabriel, will visit our classroom for a third time to teach us mindfulness strategies.

Our team will meet to discuss a large number of items and plans for the weeks ahead.

Science Planning Day
I'll meet with grade-level teachers across the system to review and coordinate science learning efforts.

Students will continue their fraction study using many models, discussions, and practice exercises.

Curriculum Prep
I'll spend a fair amount of time xeroxing curriculum packets to use with students in the weeks ahead. I've tailored these packets to this year's students and remaining standards' objectives. I will also spend time preparing for an exciting upcoming professional learning event and do some work related to the data pilot our team is involved in. Further, I'll pull together photos and projects related to the Climate Change Fair and host those projects on the project website.

I will begin to organize the remaining science lessons into science-in-a-bag small group investigations in order to fit it all in at the end of the year. This means organizing the science supplies in easy-to-acces, easy-to-use ways. Students' first science-in-a-bag will occur this Friday.

It will be a busy, but positive, week ahead. Onward.