Friday, March 06, 2020

Friday Musings: March 6, 2020

It was a very busy and productive school week--lots of positivity! Yeah!

As we head towards weeks with lots of testing, there are many standards to master in meaningful ways. The challenge is how to creatively fit all this teaching in with creativity, engagement, and a students' first mindset.

What will we do?

Climate Change Projects
Today we'll finalize those projects--there has been a lot of student agency in this project work as students research and craft climate change actions that will educate the school community as well as move them to act in ways to protect our local SUASCO watershed and support our beautiful planet Earth.

This study has begun with lots of models, coloring, conversation, and working together to learn. There are many learning experiences ahead to deepen and broaden students' understanding.

Math Review
With tests coming up, students will engage in many math review activities online and offline to refresh their memories with regard to math standards they've studied in the past.

Field Studies and Special Events
We are finalizing plans for multiple field studies and special events. These activities energize all of us. For example, this week an Acton Discovery Museum presented an interactive discovery program about states of matter. Students loved it. Upcoming events include a sound presentation, author visit, theater presentation, nature hike, historic tour, music performance, and more.

Social-Emotional Learning
We are having lots of open circle time these days as students navigate many, many social/emotional opportunities and challenges related to their age, friendships, tests, special events, and upcoming transition to the Middle School.

Portfolios and Student-Led Family-Student-Teacher Conferences
Once the Climate Fair is complete, students will update their portfolios and prepare for student-led conferences during the end of March.

Science Learning
We have lots of hands-on science explorations planned for the weeks ahead. As the teacher, I have a lot of prep to do to prepare for these investigations.

Professional Learning
Next week I'll spend a day with colleagues reviewing the fifth grade science curriculum and the following week I'll spend a day with educators across the state focused on safe and supportive schools. This is positive professional learning.

MCAS, Fifth Grade Play, and Biography Projects
Just before and after April vacation our collective focus will turn to these big events.

This is the time of year when it staying the course planned is the way to go. Onward.