Thursday, March 19, 2020

Don't Get Stuck in the Trump Hole

I turned on the news to catch up on what was going on and it was another White House Briefing. I was tempted to turn it off because those briefings make me yell at the television, crave comfort food, and generally find me researching all the words that appear to be untruths for hours after the briefing. I'm sure if Trump reads this, he'll laugh as he loves to unravel people and squander their time--it's a pastime for him.

So what did I learn today as I got stuck in the Trump hole for hours. I learned, once again, that the reasons I don't like Trump are very clear: he lies, he grandstands, he disrespects, and he pretends to know all in almost every field when it's clear that his knowledge in many fields including the coronavirus are limited.  Step aside, Mr. Trump, and let the experts lead.

Now I know it's not an easy job being President of the United States--a job where you are the butt of constant critique, but all my life, I've seen Presidents treat the job with respect and try to do a fair and just job. No time in my life, did I think a President was out to trick the American people and promote bigotry, hate, and injustice until now. I truly believe Trump's inability to see past himself has made him the worst President in the country's history. It's no wonder the market has crumbled  since it was built on poor policy, backwards ideas, and poor leadership. We can do better.

Message to self is that I'll probably have to turn to the written news and avoid the noon time news since it's likely going to be a Trump rally everyday. I don't want to waste my time on Trump theatrics and mistruths when I've got a lot to do and I could be learning a lot about this virus and current events via multiple other channels online and offline.

We simply  have to elect a new President as soon as possible, and in the meantime, every good person in the know has to continually speak up as Trump and his heinous cronies continue to take apart our good government and replace it bogus policies, cronyism, nepotism, and self-serving actions. Onward.