Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Response: Opportunity for Lifestyle Changes

The upside of the Coronavirus response is an opportunity for lifestyle change. I am thinking about this since the COVID-19 situation struck at the same time that students' presented their climate change projects. Their wonderful projects made me think deeply about the ways we can update lifestyles to live in healthy, positive, Earth-friendly ways.

Since I'll be home for a couple of weeks--a couple of weeks when I'll stay close to home, I'll think about how to update my lifestyle to make it more Earth-friendly. What can I do?

Plant a garden
We know that a vegetarian diet is an Earth-friendly diet, and we also know that if you can grow your own vegetables, those vegetables will be a healthy source of nutrition. So I'll plant seedlings soon to begin this process.

Cook more vegetarian dishes
I want to focus on cooking more healthy vegetarian dishes--this is a good time to try out those recipes.

Healthy activity
This is also a good time to get into more healthy activity such as bike riding, jogging, yoga, and dancing. All of these activities are readily available in your home and neighborhood.

Home Cleaning and Organization
This is a good time to clean the garage, closets, and more. It's also a good idea to reorganize in ways that supports more Earth-friendly living.

Reading and research
This is a good time to read and research about healthy living and Earth-friendly practices.

While the Earth's people respond to this troubling virus, we can use that time to think more deeply about how we live in ways that protect planet Earth--ways that are healthy for our own lives and the lives of others.