Friday, February 14, 2020

Winter/Spring 2020 Goals and Focus

Prior to vacation, I want to take a few minutes to focus on the teaching goals and efforts for winter/spring 2020.

There's still lots of math to teach and review. By sticking to the schedule as much as possible and forwarding positive math learning experiences, we'll get there. After vacation, students will learn about volume via a number of activities, study fractions, begin using IXL, and engage in a number of problem solving activities.

We'll coach students forward to the Climate Fair with a focus on project based learning, research, and presentation. Later we'll analyze data from the event in math class. After that we'll dig into the remaining science standards with lots of hands-on activities and special events.

I'll focus on my intervention group with great books and activities to meet learning goals as well as provide the rest of the class with good structure and time for lots of wonderful reading.

Class Community
These rising Middle Schoolers profit from regular meetings, problem solving, morning greeting, good structure, time for play, and positivity.

These are the overarching goals for the months ahead. Goals that provide a roadmap to a successful second half of the school year.