Monday, February 03, 2020

Tough teaching day

It was a tough teaching day. One probable cause was the Super Bowl since some children may have stayed up late to watch the game. Another reason was missing staff due to illness and other matters. And then there were children exhibiting behaviors that send the message that it's time to rethink some of the structures in place. How can we mitigate disruptive, troubling behaviors by creating a routine and other supports that help these children get what they need and prosper?

After much thinking, one important update to the program is to spend more time previewing what's to come and what is expected with some children. Clearly some need that kind of support for greater success. I'll begin that tomorrow.

Also, some children need more time to talk, tell their stories, ask questions, and check in. I'll make more time for this too.

What many need this year is not so much the curriculum program or typical supports, but instead more time to be heard, discuss, and query. I'll make time for that too.

Teaching, like parenting, is always a work in progress. Young children more often let us know what they need via actions rather than words so, in a way, we always have to be detectives figuring out the best ways to support these children. It was a tough teaching day, but there were no errors to worry about, but instead inspiration to remake the day for better results in the future. Onward.