Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Student Study Review Takes Time

The time required outside of the school hours is one detriment of teaching. For example, I just worked a full day, but I'm staring at about four hours of student review. It is daunting.

Some may ask, why do you do it? Can't you get away without the extra hours. The reality is that when I spend the time reviewing student work, I am able to teach children better and children work with greater investment since they know I'm taking in an interest in their efforts.

I try to make the review routines as efficient and timely as possible, and sometimes I can do the work without many extra hours, but in general, a good review of student study takes time.

Fortunately, it was a wonderful teaching day. I put the learning from yesterday's tough day in place which helped the day to be a good one. A good day is energizing and this will help me finish today's task. Onward.