Wednesday, January 15, 2020

You are the master of your destiny

I often start lessons with a big statement or quote. Today I told students that they are the masters of their destiny and if they determine the destinations that they want to reach, then they can create a list of the positive actions to lead them in that direction.

Then I noted the ways that they can be successful in math including the following:
  • pay attention
  • choose good work partners
  • ask questions
  • practice
I added that to do well academically is to have more choices and to have more choices is to have a greater chance of happiness. I further explained that if you're relegated to only one place to live, one kind of job, or one kind of lifestyle, you may not have the chance to live where you really want to live, do what you really want to do, or have the kind of life you want. 

Then I passed out the quiz. Did a warm-up problem with them. Mentioned that this quiz was meant to show me who understands the concept and who still needs more teaching. It was a helpful lesson overall since it gave me the information I need to move the program forward with success for all and it gave students the knowledge that they are the ones who are truly in charge of their lives and their learning, and the teachers are there to help in every way that we can.

Now the challenge is to help in every way that I can which includes the following steps:
  • reviewing student work carefully
  • carving out the time and support to help every child succeed
  • making sure we meet the expected standards in engaging, child-friendly, successful ways
  • prioritizing our time and teaching efforts well
  • staying ahead of ourselves a bit by having lessons planned and ready to go.
Specifically that means these actions:

Climate Change Projects
Revisiting what we've done to date and getting ready for the next lesson on Friday.

Math Assessments
Giving the two current math assessments, analyzing the results, and using that analysis to better the teaching/learning program for the next leg of the math year.

Carving out good time for all to read wonderful books.

Special Events
Completing the leg work for a number of special events and initiatives

Good Balance to Maximize Energy