Thursday, January 23, 2020

Today's Focus: January 23, 2020

I am in the midst of multiple curriculum initiatives which means it is once again time to rethink the classroom set-up and time to teach all of these wonderful learning experiences and units of study.

As I move from big think to today's teaching, it's important to focus in on what's important today.

We'll review area models related to division today, then students will have good time to practice the many division concepts and processes we've learned about in the past few weeks.

Language Study
Students and teachers from the Middle School will visit fifth grade to introduce the many language study options available in sixth grade to help fifth graders make a good choice.

We'll continue to read and discuss the wonderful story, Bud, not Buddy.

Prep and Professional Learning
There's some housekeeping that has to be done as well as attendance at an afterschool curriculum-related meeting. I also have to prep for a virtual professional meeting early next week and review a number of student assignments.

It's another busy and positive day ahead.