Friday, January 17, 2020

The just right push

Teaching, like parenting, is a dance. You want to inspire your students forward, but you want that just-right inspiration, the just-right push ahead.

You can think of it as similar to teaching a child to ride a bike. The just right push on a grassy plane sends your child forward toward pedaling on their own. A too hard push on a too hard pavement spells disaster.

This push and pull dance is one that requires observation, reflection, and the give-and-take that makes the dance a graceful connection. No doubt, we will step on each others toes, misstep, and be awkward at times as we navigate this terrain.

Today, I've decided that we'll step back a bit in the classroom. I'll make some time to check in on individual students, catch up on overdue work and efforts, provide more choice than usual, and make time for a class meeting. In a sense, it will be like a low key Sunday at home--it will be time to check in with each other, catch up, and re-engage the community with respect to our commitment to each other's happiness and success. This is a necessary kind of day now and then in classroom life.