Friday, December 20, 2019

Teaching in the New Year 2020

As I prepare to delve into the holiday preparations and events, I want to put school to rest with a focus on where we'll begin on the first day back.

Class Meeting
Students who are clearly approaching Middle School will profit from a class meeting that focuses on expectations. As crushes begin to emerge, it's important to discuss how we are respectful to one another including each other's interests and confidences. It's also important to reiterate the pride I have for students' amazing effort, kindness, collaboration, and care during the first leg of the school year. And, there will be time for students to share ideas about how to make the classroom the best possible space for learning, making friends, and being a strong and caring team.

We'll make time to organize our work spaces, materials, and classroom.

Climate Change Projects
We'll make time to discuss upcoming climate change projects--projects that will focus on preserving the SUASCO watershed area. We'll make teams, talk about project ideas, and begin this effort.

We'll discuss the importance of reading each day, finding just-right books--books that we want to read, and contributing to the kind of classroom that supports positive reading habits.

Students will take an assessment that demonstrates the science they've learned so far this year, an assessment that will help teachers complete upcoming progress reports and plan for science curriculum efforts going forward.

Students will review their efforts on the past unit which focused on multiplication of whole numbers and decimals then move on to a unit focused on division of whole numbers and decimals.

Special Events
There will be many wonderful special events coming up including field studies, expert visitors and more. There's a bit of paperwork to complete to prepare for those events.

Grant Writing
We're hoping to invite an animator to come and talk about his work--students are intrigued by animation, and we all want to learn more.

Boosting the Team
We have an amazing teaching/learning team of teachers, family members, students, and community members--we'll likely communicate an update with this team when we return and look for ways to enrich the work we do together to serve the students.

The plans are made, and now it's time to focus on family, friends, and the holiday prep and events.